Our SAT Subject Test Prep Programs

For which SAT Subject Tests do you offer prep?1

-Math (Level 1 & Level 2)



-Biology (Ecology & Molecular)

-English Literature

-U.S. History

How long is the program?  How does scheduling work?

Each SAT Subject Test prep package includes 6 hours of one-on-one, individualized instruction (typically conducted over four sessions of 90 minutes each).  We’ll work with you and your student to schedule the instruction at times that work best for you.  We serve students from our center in Anchorage.

What happens during the sessions?  What materials do you use?

We will work through problems and practice tests in order to develop fundamental test-taking skills for SAT Subject Tests such as timing and guessing strategy, as well as to identify and work on content knowledge gaps.  We may assign one or two practice tests (each one hour in length) to complete at home in between sessions.

What is the cost?

Each SAT Subject Test prep package includes 6 hours of individualized instruction, curriculum, and practice tests, a highly practical investment in improving your student’s college admissions profile.


$549: Enroll & pay 12+ weeks before official test date

$599: Enroll & pay 8 - 11 weeks before official test date

$649: Enroll & pay 0 - 7 weeks before official test date

What if I want more than 6 hours of prep?

For students who would benefit from more than 6 hours of instruction, package extensions are available for $91.50 per additional hour of instruction.2


Please Note: The 6-hour standard program length presumes that students have already completed (or are close to completing) the high school class(es) corresponding to the SAT Subject Test in question (e.g., we presume that a student preparing for the Chemistry SAT Subject Test has already taken, or is close to completing, high school chemistry).


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