Social Responsibility

We're committed to giving back to the people and state we serve.




Environmental Responsibility

Born in a land characterized by pristine natural beauty and supported by a resource- and tourism-based economy, Frontier Tutoring is committed to operating in a manner that minimizes our impact on the environment. As an education business, we also strive demonstrate the value of environmental responsibility to our students and customers through our actions. At Frontier Tutoring, working to achieve sustainability—for our business, our people, and our environment—is at the core of all we do.

Green Star Award

green-star-homepage-iconFrontier Tutoring is the proud recipient of the Green Star Award for Commitment to Environmental Responsibility, which we earned in January 2010. We achieved Green Star certification by implementing these environmentally-focused changes throughout our business.

Recycling: We recycle all recyclable mixed paper, cardboard, aluminum, and plastic products.

Reducing: We have partially replaced disposable cups with durable mugs for both our team members and customers. Computers are set to automatically print double-sided, and scrap paper is used for note-taking.

Purchasing: We purchase general purpose printing paper with at least 30% recycled content. Our window envelopes are printed on recycled paper with 30% post-consumer content. We target Energy Star® office appliances in our procurement process.

Energy: Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are used for task lighting instead of traditional incandescent bulbs. Computers are turned off when not in use.

Education: An employee bulletin board in our office displays our Green Star Policy Statement and contains a booklet of personal energy conservation tips published by Green Star.

Accommodation: Employees who bicycle or walk to work are exempt from certain provisions of our dress code.



Community Engagement

At Frontier Tutoring, Alaska is the place we call home. We're proud to be part of a dynamic community of unparalleled natural beauty, business vitality, cultural diversity, and more. As the largest Alaska-based educational services brand, the center of our community focus is on Alaska's educational programs and institutions.

Involvement & Outreach

  • Frontier Tutoring features Alaska's most comprehensive educational services partnership program for school counselors and teachers. We provide our school staff partners with free educational resources and programs.
  • Frontier Tutoring is a business partner of West Anchorage High School, Service High School, and Anchorage School District under the School Business Partnerships program. We provide free, school-based practice SATs and ACTs, as well as participate in parent and student events.
  • Our team members volunteer and serve on boards and committees, including those of the UAA College of Business & Public Policy and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce.
  • About 70% of our employees are students or alumni of University of Alaska Anchorage.1
  • Frontier Tutoring regularly attends UAA campus events as a company participant and/or sponsor.

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Green Star (member and awardee)
  • Anchorage Chamber of Commerce (member)
  • Anchorage School Business Partnerships (business partner)


Frontier Tutoring proudly sponsors a limited number of organizations, events, and activities that meet our sponsorship requirements and guidelines. We evaluate sponsorship proposals based on their merit, availability of sponsorship funds, and factors including: type of organization/event/activity, location, mission or purpose, educational affiliation, amount requested (cash or in-kind), and specific benefits to be provided to Frontier Tutoring (e.g., publicity, signage, logo placement, and exposure to key markets). Interested parties may submit proposals to We do not provide sponsorships to for-profit, political, or religious organizations. While we wish we could support all worthy proposals, our available sponsorship resources are limited.


1 Percentage of employees as of March 2014