Make Your Common Application Stand Out With Expert Guidance on Your Activities, Letters of Recommendation, and More


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"This process is a lot easier if somebody is guiding you through it.  I was really happy about the feedback that you were able to give me."

-Anja L., graduate of Dimond High School | Admitted to Middlebury College and Received a $46,000 Scholarship to MSU


Why It Matters


The Common Application includes a few key sections where you have an opportunity to set your candidacy apart with strategic writing and planning.  Our Common App Strategy Package will equip you to:


  • Narrow down and effectively describe your 10 most compelling experiences in the Activities Section, along with your five most important awards for the Honors section

  • Identify recommendation writers and equip them with specific anecdotes and themes to advocate strongly on your behalf

  • Determine how to report your SAT/ACT and other test scores to colleges based on their testing requirements, superscoring policies, etc.


How It Works


During this process, you will work directly with Kimberly Hewitt, director of our college counseling practice, to strategize your completion of the Common Application.  Here's what's included:


  • Before the first session, you will receive guidance on how to compile a resume or list of extracurricular activities and academic honors/awards/achievements. We recommend compiling this information before the first session.


  • Three live online sessions:



Who Attends


1: Intake and Assess Application Assets

(up to 60 minutes)

Parent and student

-Review your overall college admissions profile and goals, including grades/coursework, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, honors/awards, plans 


-Discuss personalized action plan for how to approach the Honors, Testing, and Activities sections, along with planning your Letters of Recommendations

2: Review Initial Completion of Common Application

(up to 60 minutes)

Student only (parent optional) Receive personalized feedback about how to improve/edit entries in Honors, Testing, and Activities section and assess plan for Letters of Recommendation

3: Final Review and Admissions Action Plan

(up to 60 minutes)

Parent and student

-Receive another detailed round of guidance about how to improve/edit materials.


-Strategize next steps in the college application process (e.g., supplementary questions/essays for individual colleges) and answer any parent/student questions regarding the admissions process.


From helping you identify the most compelling parts of your story to equipping your recommendation writers, our Common App Strategy Package will empower you to craft a coherent set of application materials to give yourself the best shot at admissions success. 



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