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How I Did It: Getting into Reed College & Working with Frontier Tutoring – Hannah’s Story

Posted by Kimberly Hewitt on Thursday, September 14, 2017


Hannah McFadden is a 2017 graduate of West Anchorage High School who completed a College Admissions Consulting program with Frontier Tutoring during the 2016/17 school year.  She also improved her SAT score by 120 points after taking our SAT Prep Class during her junior year.  We’re proud to report that Hannah accepted an offer to attend Reed College in Portland, OR, a liberal arts college with competitive admissions standards (admitted applicants have an average high school GPA of 3.75 and SAT score of 1430/ACT score of 31).


If you've ever wondered what it's like to engage a professional advisor in your college admissions journey, this is the post for you.  Today, we’re happy to share Hannah’s story—in her own words—about her experiences working with Frontier Tutoring in a College Admissions Consulting program.  Take it away, Hannah!


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Why did you consider working with Frontier Tutoring for college admissions consulting services? What challenges were you experiencing, or what were you looking to gain?


I looked to Frontier for help with SAT and ACT practice, as well as college admission help. I wanted to ensure that my SAT and ACT scores were good, so I took a practice SAT and then an SAT prep course with Frontier to improve my scores. During the college application process I had many questions about completing applications, financial aid, classes, etc, so I decided to do the college help program with Frontier to help me with the process of applying and finalizing college plans.


In what ways did we assist you with your college application process?


I received help with the SAT, completing applications, questions about the college admissions process, submitting the Common App, writing and revising college essays, requesting letters of recommendation, choosing schools, completing the FAFSA, choosing the right school for me, and countless other questions. My Frontier advisor also reached out to schools with my questions and communicated with them about my questions, which went above and beyond my expectations, and was very helpful.


After you began your college admissions consulting program with Frontier Tutoring, did anything pleasantly surprise you? What has been your favorite part about working with us?


Everything was amazing. All of my questions were answered, and I received feedback and advice that was very personal and individual to me, which was extremely helpful in my decision making process. I was pleasantly surprised that my Frontier advisor took the time to go over all of my college applications and essays, and took the time to contact several schools with my questions, communicating with the admissions office so that I could focus on other parts of my application process.  Also, my advisor answered all of my questions over email, so I was able to work on the admission process without having to wait for our weekly meeting.


What results did we help you achieve?


I was able to confidently apply for colleges, was given the tools and help to get all the applications finalized and in on time. Financial aid questions were answered for me, and I formulated a plan for budgeting and scholarships after receiving help from Frontier. I also made a decision about which school to attend confidently, as Frontier helped answer my questions, and was able to give me solid advice about how to choose a school, and what the steps are after you are admitted.


If you were to recommend Frontier Tutoring's college admissions consulting services to a good friend, what would you say?


I would tell them my personal experience much like the information provided above. I would also tell them that it is worth the cost 100% for both the SAT prep class and the college admissions help program.


Is there anything we could do to improve?


I can't think of any aspect of my college application and SAT/ACT process that Frontier wasn't able to provide for me. My experience was incredible, and Frontier made it easier, more enjoyable, and gave me confidence in the process.


Is there anything else you would like to add?


Thank you very much for offering these services to high school students. As college is a very significant step in many student's lives, it is awesome to have help, answers, and advice from Frontier, as well as the confidence that comes with working with people who are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with the process.


Get a competitive edge in your own college admissions journey


Hannah's story is only one of many we see at Frontier Tutoring.  After all, more Alaskans choose Frontier Tutoring for their SAT/ACT prep and college admissions advisory needs than any other provider.


Whether you're a high school junior just beginning the college admissions process or a senior in the midst of applications, the college admissions experts at Frontier Tutoring are here to help.  Get started on with North to My Future, your free, individualized college admissions strategy session for students in Anchorage.  We’ll sit down with you and a parent for 45 minutes and discuss how your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and entire profile compare relative to the norms for the colleges and scholarships you’re considering.  We’ll also develop an action plan of specific priorities for you between now and when it’s time to apply.  If our college admissions consulting, SAT/ACT prep, or academic tutoring programs are appropriate, we will also provide recommendations on how you can best use these professional resources.


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