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A Note from Kimberly Hewitt About Frontier Tutoring's College Counseling Philosophy

Posted by Kimberly Hewitt on Tuesday, March 12, 2019

190312 CAC Philosophy


In light of today's news, I'm taking a moment to share some reflections on the philosophy and priorities I rely upon in leading Frontier Tutoring's college counseling practice, as well as the values, including integrity, we all share at Frontier Tutoring:


One of the most rewarding parts of my college counseling practice is helping students identify best-fit colleges. While the college admissions process can be stressful at times, it should also be a fun and exciting experience for students. Furthermore, while crafting a compelling personal narrative is an important part of the application process, being and presenting one’s authentic self is a way of ensuring the right college fit.  Success depends as much on the student’s personal growth throughout the admission process as it does on the selectivity of the college they ultimately choose to attend.

-Kimberly Hewitt

Business Unit Manager, College Admissions Consulting


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