Rising 12th Graders College Admissions Checklist:

How to Maximize Your College Admissions Success


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With senior year in full swing, now is the time for 12th graders to lay the foundation for a successful college application season.  As a new senior, how can you set yourself up for success?  During our live webinar, Kimberly Hewitt, the director of our college counseling practice, will address how and when you should:


  • Finalize your college list

  • Identify and achieve your target SAT/ACT score before application deadlines

  • Begin essays and applications

  • Identify financial aid and scholarships

  • Adjust your timeline or plans based on the latest COVID-19 college admissions updates


This webinar originally aired on September 1, 2020, and featured sign-ups from hundreds of high school families and counselors from across Alaska.  View the recording now.


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