11th Graders College Admissions Checklist: How to Strengthen Your College Admissions Profile


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Of everything you do in high school, the activities you undertake during your junior year will have the among most significant impact on your competitiveness for college admissions and scholarships.  As a new 11th grader, how can you set yourself up for success this fall and spring?  During our live webinar, Kimberly Hewitt, the director of our college counseling practice, will address how and when you should:


  • Determine whether you should prepare for the PSAT to potentially qualify for National Merit recognition or scholarships


  • Craft your SAT/ACT strategy to maximize your scores and efficiency, including understanding the effects of the latest COVID-19 updates on your timeline


  • Maximize your junior year GPA and manage virtual school

  • Choose extracurriculars in the COVID-19 era

  • Start developing your college list


This webinar originally aired on September 3, 2020.  View the recording now.


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