Building Your College List: A Five-Step Process,
Plus Special COVID-19 Considerations


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Developing a working college list is a critical step in the college admissions process for sophomores and juniors.  During this webinar, Kimberly Hewitt, director of our college counseling practice, will walk through our five-step process for rising juniors and rising seniors to build their strategic college list, including:


  • Identifying colleges of best fit: Based on your competitiveness as an applicant and individual preferences/requirements (field of study, geographic, desired selectiveness, financial, etc.)

  • Optimizing your applicant profile based on your college list: Strategies for planning standardized testing, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, and essays

  • Navigating application types/deadlines: How to choose whether to apply early action/early decision

  • Focusing your college admissions priorities: A timeline of tasks for current sophomore and juniors from now until college application deadlines

  • The latest COVID-related changes to college admissions (including test-optional policies)

This webinar originally aired on June 30, 2021.  View the recording now.


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