Learn how to optimize your SAT & ACT strategy
for college admissions and scholarship success.


Includes our three-step process for achieving SAT/ACT success.


This Guide has not been updated for changes to SAT/ACT testing and college admissions related to COVID-19.  For the latest information on SAT/ACT prep in the COVID-19 era, see our webinar: How to Design Your SAT/ACT Testing Timeline as an 11th or 12th Grader (With COVID-19 and Test-Optional Policy Updates)




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2019/20 Edition Available


You want to know how to navigate the process of choosing, preparing for, and taking the SAT® or ACT® to put your best foot forward for college and scholarship applications.  When you download the Ultimate Guide to Designing Your SAT & ACT Prep Strategy, you'll benefit from expert guidance about:


-The differences between the SAT and ACT and how to choose which test to take

-When you should take your practice and official SAT/ACT tests


-How to set your target score based on your college and scholarship interests


-Options for preparing (both free and paid) and how to choose which the right program for you


-Other testing FAQs, including how colleges consider multiple SAT/ACT testing attempts, whether you should take the essay, and more