The Frontier 49

GPAs, SAT/ACT Scores & Admit Rates at 49 Colleges


"Identifies top school choices made by Alaskan students. Easy to read graph. Easily understood."

-D.C., South High School Parent | Rated The Frontier 49 10/10 in likelihood to share with a fellow parent





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This factbook includes:


  • Average high school GPA and SAT/ACT scores of admitted freshmen, plus admit rates, at the 49 most popular nationwide colleges among Alaska applicants

  • GPA and SAT/ACT requirements for popular merit-based scholarships (for both Alaska and out-of-state colleges)

  • Explanations about the relative weighting of GPA/test scores vs. qualitative factors in the college admissions process

  • Guidance on developing your college list, improving your GPA, and optimizing your SAT/ACT selection and testing process