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How do I enter or update my credit/debit card information on your website?

Before processing any enrollment, we require your payment information to be on file. Here's how to enter (or verify) your credit/debit card information in our secure online billing system.

Entering Your Credit/Debit Card Information

Here's how to enter your credit/debit card information if you've just signed up for a paid program or a custom-scheduled practice SAT/ACT. If you think we already have your credit/debit card information on file, you'll still need to follow these steps to verify your existing credit/debit card information and provide us with permission to use the payment information on file.

1. Go to our secure online billing system

2. Click the "MY INFO" tab

3. Login or create an account

  • If You Have Previously Created an Account in Our Billing System: Under "Log In," enter your email address and password.
  • If You Have NOT Previously Created an Account in Our Billing System: Under "Create an Account," enter the parent email address and parent information.  You may ignore the "Add Family Member" option.

4. Once logged in, go to the "MY INFO" tab (if you're not already there).  Under "Billing Information," click "Edit" to enter your name, billing address, and credit/debit card information.

  • Note: There is no need to add any products or services to your cart or check out using the online system. You're almost done! Please remember to proceed to step 5.

5. Complete the Payment Confirmation Form.

  • Use the ticket number from the confirmation email you received (the one that linked you to this article). Tip: Click the link to the Payment Confirmation Form from within your confirmation email, and it will automatically populate the form with your ticket number and program type.
    • If you can't find your ticket number, select "I can't find my Ticket Number."
  • You'll have the opportunity to enter any billing-related questions in the Payment Confirmation form. After you complete the Payment Confirmation form, a manager will answer any questions you include in the form, charge the credit/debit card you entered for the appropriate total amount (net of any discounts or credits you qualify for), and email you with your itemized receipt.

Having trouble with our online billing system? Please schedule a time for us to call you—use the scheduling link in the confirmation email you received. We'll be happy to take your credit/debit card information over the phone and answer any questions you may have.

Paying by Check

  • You can pay by check, but note that we must receive your payment via check before we can proceed with processing your enrollment.
  • We suggest dropping off your check payment at our Anchorage Center.
  • If you decide to pay by check, you'll still need to complete the Payment Confirmation Form.

Paying by Charter School Funding

  • While we are happy to invoice your charter school directly when possible, we still require your credit card information to be on file. Your credit card will be charged only if we do not receive payment from your charter school within 30 days of our invoice.
  • Here is a Help Center article that lists of the charter schools we work with, along with policies regarding payment.
  • If you decide to pay using charter school funding, you'll still need to complete the Payment Confirmation Form.