Build a Strategic College List and Develop Your College Admissions Action Plan for Junior/Senior Year


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"Going through the various suggestions that you gave me to pick out what I liked and didn't like about each college was really helpful."

-Anja L., graduate of Dimond High School | Admitted to Middlebury College and Received a $46,000 Scholarship to MSU


Why It Matters


Developing a working college list as early as possible—ideally by early junior year—is what sets the most competitive applicants apart.  Why?  Because the colleges on your list will determine what you need to achieve during junior and senior year to make your application competitive, from test scores and grades to extracurriculars.  Our College List Package includes:


  • Individualized counseling, plus optional personality and aptitude assessments, to identify your personal preferences and "must-have" criteria in your ideal college (including academic programs, location, size, extracurriculars, cost, ranking, diversity, and more)

  • Professional guidance in researching colleges and developing your college list, including access to our College Planner Pro college admissions software, where you will manage your list, research, and tasks

  • Expert advising to translate your final college list into an action plan for junior year, including test scores, coursework, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, college communication/visits, and more


How It Works


During this process, you will work directly with Kimberly Hewitt, director of our college counseling practice, to develop your college list and identify college admissions priorities for junior and senior year.  Here's what's included:




Who Attends


1: Intake and Kick-Off Session

(up to 1 hour)

Parent and student

-Review your overall college admissions profile and goals, including grades/coursework, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, honors/awards, plans 


-Introduce you to the college research process, your College Planner Pro account, and any assessments you will take

2: Up to 3 additional hours of live sessions and professional research, plus additional self-paced resources

Student only (parent optional)
Iterative process (through both face-to-face meetings and email), in which both you and your college counselor will research and suggest colleges to rule in/out, to develop a working college list

3: Final Review and Admissions Action Plan

(up to 1 hour)

Parent and student

-Review your working college list of 10-20 colleges


-Strategize priorities for junior and senior year based on your college list, including test scores, coursework, extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, college communication/visits, and more


From helping you identify and articulate what's important to you in a college, to translating your list into actionable priorities, our College List package will empower you to set yourself up for college admission success.



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