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ACT® Preparation Class - Anchorage

Maximize your ACT score in our comprehensive group class with genuinely individualized instruction.

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How It Works


Our small group ACT Prep Class (limited to 12 students) empowers you to optimize your performance on the ACT using a data-driven, individualized approach. You will learn the content and strategies you need to excel on all sections of the ACT test (English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing).

  • You will start by taking a full-length diagnostic practice ACT and receive a detailed score report with analytics.

  • During class, you will benefit from engaging small group instruction based on our proprietary curriculum, and delivered by our highly trained, expert instructors, all of whom have scored in the 99th percentile (top 1% of nationwide test takers) on the ACT sections they teach.1

  • Between classes, you will use our online ACT prep portal to complete homework lessons targeted to the areas where you need practice. Approximately 30 minutes of study time per day during the course is sufficient for most students to complete the homework they are assigned.

  • You will conclude the course by taking another full-length practice ACT, which will predict your approximate performance on the official ACT.

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Where It Happens


Choose either in-person classes at our Anchorage Center (500 E. Tudor Rd. Ste. 100, Anchorage, AK) or online classes delivered via Zoom.

Our Track Record, Guarantee & Expectations


There’s a reason why more Alaska students choose Frontier Tutoring for ACT/SAT prep than any other provider.


We guarantee that you will achieve at least a 2 point composite ACT score improvement, provided that you: (i) Attend and engage with every instructional session, and (ii) Complete at least 80% of the homework lessons you are assigned to our quality standard (which we will brief you on during the first day of class).2


Frontier Tutoring is also the ony Alaska test prep provider to transparently publish our score improvement statistics:3 


Average Score Improvement

All Students

Average Score Improvement

Top 25% of Students

3.1 points 5.3 points


Price, Payment & Return on Investment


Price & Payment

See class schedules for pricing deadlines4


All-inclusive price covers expert in-class instruction, required Frontier Tutoring proprietary prep books, and access to our online ACT prep portal

Alternate Funding Sources


We accept payment from Family Partnership Charter School, Frontier Charter School, IDEA, Denali PEAK Correspondence School, and Raven Correspondence School


Return on Investment


Raising your ACT score can pay big dividends—whether in cash or competitiveness—that far surpass the investment you make in ACT prep. For a motivated student with the appropriate baseline skills, effective ACT prep can empower score improvements that lead to thousands of dollars in scholarship funding (see examples of Alaska and out-of-state scholarships) and a more competitive college application profile.  To learn more about the ACT score norms for the colleges and scholarships you are interested in, sign up for North to My Future, our free 45 minute college admissions planning session.



Ready to Learn More? Call 907-268-4233, or have us contact you

Ready to Enroll Now? Complete the ACT Prep Class enrollment form online